Valentine’s Food? Let’s cut to the chase

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If you're out to seduce someone this Valentines, what are the best foods to put on the menu for getting your wicked way? Decadent dinner ideas, topped by indulging romantic dessert.

1. Seafood

Oysters are not just a cliché, according to experts they are a good source of zinc and lean protein both essential for the bedroom lambada.

Not everyone's brave enough to pour them down their throats though! Scallops are less intimidating - velvety, juicy and very alluring.

2. Spices

There's a reason why spicing things up feels good. Chillis are known to raise body temperature, make the tongue tingle, cheeks flush and lips plump seductively. Don't forget about Ginger though, it's credited with improving the circulation to, ahem, your bits and bobs.

3. Red Meat

Juicy and primeval – not many carnivorous men will fail to be won by a steak. Full of virile iron and often reserved for a special occasion – it's hard not to feel special when someone lovingly prepares you a perfectly cooked piece of beef.

4. Chocolate

Not a cheap box of Celebrations mind, we're talking full throttle Belgian bliss like Pierre Marcollini's sexy creations or something more daring. Chocolate is well known for its feel-good factor... especially for women so you simply cannot miss this off your menu d'amour.

5. Fruit

Take a break from strawberries, and get fruity with more seasonal offerings like Blood Oranges, Passion Fruit or Pomegranates – pluck some ruby red seeds out and stir them into your fizz for a sensual cocktail.

Whether you're planning a special night or just watching rom-coms in pajamas, enjoy the Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

Published on: 2016-02-13

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