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Why join Pamenafame?

For your best marketing and business move, join Pamenafame for the following 3 Main Reasons.

The future is online
  • Thousands of hungry surfers - On average, people using the internet every day order takeaway twice a month
  • Customers can pay by card on a secure website

More business
  • Average revenue increase ranges from 15-25% a year
  • New ordering channel – your restaurant benefits whilst avoiding massive set-up and marketing costs

We work hard for you
  • We invest more in marketing than any other brand in the sector ensuring maximum visibility of your business
  • You will be supported by a dedicated customer care and account management team

You Make the Food.
We'll Deliver the Customers.

Enquiry Form

There is a safe and easy way that you can enter your enquiry by completing the form found in the link further below. From the form options, please choose as your subject: "Advertise". By doing so, your enquiry will get passed on to the Advertising and Listing Department faster and in high-priority.

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