Cyprus Bank Holidays

1.1st of January, SundayNew Year´s Day
2.6th of January, FridayEpiphany
3.27th of February, MondayGreen Monday
4.25th of March, SaturdayGreek National Day
5.1st of April, SaturdayCyprus National Day
6.14th of April, FridayOrthodox Good Friday
7.17th of May, WednesdayOrthodox Easter Monday
8.18th of May, ThursdayOrthodox Easter Tuesday
9.1st of May, MondayLabour Day
10.5th of June, MondayWhit Monday
11.15th of August, TuesdayAssumption Day
12.1st of October, SundayCyprus Independence Day
13.28th of October, SaturdayGreek National Day "Ochi"
14.24th of December, SundayChristmas Eve
15.25th of December, MondayChristmas Day
16.26th of December, TuesdayBoxing Day