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Welcome to the vibrant side of our website, the BLOG! Here we basically will do everything for you, except the cooking.

Everyone loves food. And these days almost everyone is genuinely interested in it. Food just isn’t a niche subject anymore. Mainstream terrestrial television is crammed with food programming all day, and if that isn’t enough there are about a million cable and satellite channels devoted entirely to food. There are dozens of food magazines, and so many food supplements and food pages in the general daily press that you begin to wonder if they can think of nothing to write about apart from food.

So what PameNaFame is going to do, with a bit of luck, is help you to escape from all that, from the overwhelming sticky mess of food websites and magazines and TV channels and everything else, and put it all in one place.

So, obviously there will be recipes from any one of the dozens of expert chefs we’ve lined up to play for us. As well as there will be Competitions, Videos, Restaurant and Food Reviews and food articles.

In the meantime, you can use our blazingly fast platform to find and order food in Cyprus. Search from our large gamut of restaurants, kebab shops, grill houses, pizzerias, gourmet and the list goes on and on. Fancy something more specific? Of course we list all sorts of cuisines such as Cypriot, Greek, Russian, Chinese, American, Lebanese, French, Mexican and many more. The choice is yours!

We’ll gradually build a database here of every recipe, every cooking tip, every reliable source, every restaurant worth-trying. Like a Wikipedia of food, except not totally wrong all the time. Like the best and biggest food directory you will ever need, right on your fingertips.

Published on: 2016-02-12

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