How do I keep my account secure?

Does PameNaFame sends emails asking for my details?
No! We will never email you asking for your payment details, password or anything else. If you receive an email saying it's from PameNaFame and asking you to reply with any details at all – financial or personal – it's fraudulent. In fact, we'd be grateful if you'd forward it to us at [email protected] so our security team can look into it.

How do I know my details are safe online?
Your security is our priority! We do not store any payment information on our systems and all of your sensitive information are encrypted. We have a team working around the clock to keep our systems safe.

How do I keep my account secure?
We’re all aware of increasingly-sophisticated online scams, which is why PameNaFame takes security very seriously. You can minimise any risk to yourself by being extra-vigilant whenever you’re online. As an added precaution, we recommend that you regularly change the password on your PameNaFame account.
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